11-a-side Soccer

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11-a-side soccer has good graphics and is one of the best soccer Spectrum simulators ever issued for ZX-Spectrum, however it is unfairly much less popular than Match day. The game was published by Code Masters and belongs to the series named “4 Socccer Simulators”. After the game is loaded you can choose from the following options:

  • one player
  • two players
  • two players (one team)
  • three players
  • four players
  • customize controls (standard set)
  • Hall of fame
  • About the authors
  • Enter your name
  • Game length
  • Skills of players forming your team

The skills of players can be one of the following:

    AUTO – for beginners;
    MANUAL – for experienced players.

After you’ve chosen the number of players you will be asked to choose game difficulty: EASY, MEDIUM or HARD.

The game is held on an artificial grass. You are playing in country cup tournament. A great achievement for spectrum is implementation of soccer rules. The game provides for penalties, free kicks, yellow and even red cards. It is possible to knock down your opponent.

If you are a beginner, do not select HARD difficulty level, as you will lose with disastrous score. Don’t rely on your partners in organizing attacks.

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