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The inlay card states that 911 TS has been produced with the cooperation of the Dunlop Tyre Co. However from the information uncovered by some reliable sources it seem that the game was put together for Dunlop to be used in ther spring publicity drive. This may mean that it wad a little difficult to find the game in the shops.

In essence what we have here is a car racing game. You are an ace rally driver on a very tough course being relentlessly pursued by an unsporting for. The opening stage of the game shows he player with $2000 to spend on goodies for the car. The add-ons are selected frm four pages each with a choice of four items which range from tyres (price from $248 up to $644) to steering and suspension systems. You will have to budget carefully in order to buy the optimum range of accessories, the extras are not fitted to your car for the start but must be collected en-route.

The race takes place over 8 stages through four different types of scenery. The main playing screens presents a birds eye view of the road and a map of the course making the position of each of the 8 stages together with the position of your car and that of your foe. On the left an indicator shows your speed and opposite a similar indicator shows the amount of damage your car has sustained. At the top of the screen the distance to the end of the stage is shown together with the total score and the time remaining to complete the stage. Your car appears to stand still while the road scrolls downwards and since only a small part of the road ahead is in view you have very little warnng of the oncomming hazards.

At hte end of stages 1, 3, 5 and 7 you are able to take advantage of pauses to collect some of the extra goodies, which you may have ordered for without added features your car will not have the performance required to finish the race. Should you survive the race you can start again but each new start becomes more difficult as the time allowed to complete each stage shortens.

Graphically the game is not unlike Grand National, obviously the same sprite routines have been used. 911 TS is fairly typical Elite game the style of the graphics and movement are givaways. 911 TS is produced with the cooperation of Dunlop which means that the game uses the various Dunlop product names. While the game is fairly playable the act of dying on the first stage, or indeed any stage, means returnign to the start, a severe knock for addictivity. Avoiding obstacles and so preventing damage to your car will require quick reactions and a great deal of concentration. Elite had another commercial success because it was a commercial game, but to be honest, I don’t thing this is such a great improvement (except graphically) over oldies like Turbo Driver by Boss. It’s also rather like The Dukes of Hazzard rotated through 90 degrees. Perhaps Elite should be known ans the “Wham of computer games”.

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