Abu Simbel Profanation

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To call Abu Simbel Profanation online a platform game is not strictly accurate. It is more of a cross between a platform game and an arcade adventure.

You have entered into the ancient Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramases II. All you have to do is find the way out. There is no scoring as such, no bonuses for collecting all the pieces in a given time. You just have to make your way through the various chambers and passages in search of your exit.

The graphics are superb. Instead of leaving you to work out the best route through a room, (such as in games like Manic Miner) your route is nearly always obvious. Large stone passages, spiders’ webs, assorted Egyptian pictures an hieroglyphics all add to the atmosphere. Your character, the explorer Johnny Jones, is a large lovable creature who looks round at the obstacles blocking his way – a nice little touch.

Getting through a room though is not so easy. Never have I seen a game where obstacle requires such split second timing. Ususually there are a few items with sufficiently long paths of travel for you to avoid easily once you have worked out the timing. But not here. Every jump seems to be a will I/won’t make it leap. Even the very first obstacle – a drop of liquid of which even a small splash costs you one of your ten lives caused a heated argument as to whether it was best to jump over it or run under it. One feature which I have not come across before allows you to make a normal jump or an extra high jump.

As you progress through the game, you find your way further hindered by large stone slabs, doors and statues. Finding the way to open these is one of the key parts of the game although you shouldn’t have too much trouble working it out. When successfully activated, the door slides open to let you through to the next screen. This is very smoothly done and again adds considerably to the atmosphere of the game. So, not only do yo have to make your way through the temple, you have to plan your route as well. Sometimes when you want to drop down a level, there are two paths to choose from. One will lead you successfully onwards, the other is a pit and you impale yourself on a series of lethal spikes with only a skeleton grinning at you as you die a horrible death. It took me many goes even playing the cheat version before I got anywhere near the end.

Abu Simbel Profanation online is an original variation on the platform game. Yes it is very difficult but it is well worth the few hours it takes to get onto the next screen and the next. A must for connoisseurs of good, hard, challenging games, but beginners should cut their teeth on something slightly easier.

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