Android One

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If you get Android SpectrumThe Reactor Run – you can give up any hope of spending stress-free evenings with your Spectrum.

Your mission is to save the world by infiltrating a reactor complex which is guarded by four different types of mutants, and destroy the reactor – within a time limit.

To infiltrate the complex your robot, Android 1, must blast his way through the walls that surround each stage. But remember to watch out for the aliens. The farther you get through the less predictable the guards become, and the more difficult they are to avoid.

The graphics are colorful and the action is accompanied with well-thought-out sound effects. Android 1 runs, rather than glides, across the screen in an endearing manner.

There are five skill levels – the most difficult seems impossible, while the easiest is fast enough to be a challenge. There is a wide choice of keys but controlling the robot is difficult. Provision is made for the Kempston joystick.

The comprehensive on-screen instructions are attractively presented. The game loaded in five stages, which makes for a long wait, but there were no loading problems.

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