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Underneath one more of Software Projects lively inlay covers is a color entry code card and THE STORY: After weeks of waiting the Space Freighter has nearly reached your settlement on Planet CS – but disaster…

A sudden meteor shower has devastated the ship, and its cargo of Resource Blocks has been scattered over the planet. The people have elected you to journey outside the settlement and round up the Blocks. Unfortunately this is unexplored terrain and there are many dangers – naturally.

In fact there are 15 varying screens in what is basically a novel platform game with very simble control keys. At the base there is the flashing transporter base onto which the Resource Blocks (three per screen) must be pushed. These blocks appear in awkward places on the screen and Astronut moves them by pushing against them until they fall from one level to the next one down and so on until they can be pushed onto the transporter block, at which point the next one appears somewhere. Vocanoes or stairs automatically whisk Astronut upwards and he may jump down from any height. Various aliens waft about causing mayhem, but Astronut may leave behind bombs to destroy them, although the bombs have a time delay on them.

Any of the 15 screens may be entered at the start of a game by the select menu, and each of these is quite different from any of the others, with its own distinct problems.

Astronut lives up to Software Projects standards. It has some excellent graphics (and imaginative ones). The game itself is very playable and has that magical addictive quality about it. Not Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy but it is still excellent (in some ways even better, like the bigger, more colorful graphics).

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