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If you have heard Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album, and seen the video, you might like to play the game: Atic Atac. It is one of the spookiest, most action-packed, shoot-’em-uppiest programs yet to be seen on a Spectrum.

You are cast as the hero of the piece, and can choose roles. Your choice, knight, wizard or serf, determines which set of secret passages are open to you, the appearance of your computerised alter-ego, and weapons for azapping beasties with. Once this is done, and you have decided whether to use a joystick or the keyboard, you are beamed-down into the front room of a grand and spooky old house.

At this stage the best thing to do is to explore the house, finding your way around and memorising escape routes. But beware: the doors that guard the entrances to the rooms that you travel through, are liable to slam shut, without warning, leaving you trapped. When this happens, time marches on, your food supply situation, as indicated by the gradually devoured chicken on the right of the screen, diminishes, and worsk of all, the haunting begins.

All manner of foul creatures appear to haunt you, they look like they have escaped from the chamber of horrors. By zapping them with your trusty weapon, you send them packing, back to the other side from whence they came, but more to the point, you score.

Atic Atac combines elements of adventure with those of arcade games in a very original way. You need the red key to pass through red door and must eat food to stop yourself from passing away prematurely due to hunger. The layout of the house is consistent, and so as you play the game more and more, you begin to find your way around. A number of real terrors, such as Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula and the Devil all appear and can give you quite a hard time.

The ultimate aim in Atic Atac is to find the key to the front door, and to escape to freedom, presumably this happens only when you have explored every room in the building, which is not easy, but becomes progressively more likely the longer you practise. When the third reincarnation of yourself on the screen finally bites the dust, your final score is displayed along with an indication of the percentage of the house which you actually visited. All in all, Atic Atac is one of the most impressive games I have yet seen on the Spectrum, but do not play it after midnight.

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