ATV Simulator

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ATV Simulator brings together all the essential elements of motorbike cross-country scrambling and is one of the first side-view simulators.

The game has a total of six different playing areas: Sand Duning, Grass Tracking, Icebergs, Desert, Tropicana and Swamp. All of these scroll from left to right and you are instructed to out-manoeuvre an assortment of obstacles including rocks, fences, icebergs, mounds and ball bouncing seals

The screen is split into two windows – the top window shows player one’s progress through the course and the second player two’s. Both players must copete against the clock.

Any player who fails to reach the finishing line within the given time (which changes according to the difficulty of each course) will lose and forfeit the race. The remaining player is permitted to proceed through the remaining courses, util he/she fails to complete the course within the given time.

Controlling your bike or buggy is achieved by using either the keyboard or the joystick.

If you successfully complete any course within the given time limit you are awarded a score bonus which rapidly clocks-up your score.

I don’t know whether Code Masters intended ATV Spectrum to have been a rival to Mastertronic‘s Kikstart, or maybe it’s just a slight coincidence that it turned out to look and sound almost like it.

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