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Automania Spectrum is the first Wally game and perhaps that is why it is almost entirely an arcade game.

Automania Spectrum is a superior Manic Miner-alike, in that MicroGen has adopted the best features from the seminal precursor and added some originality of its own. You have to help “Manic Mechanic” Wally Week (a neat bit of graphic characterization) gather the six parts of a car from around his garage workshop, which is graught with the usual assortiment of weird and whackies, collapsing walways, and so on. There are ten cars to build, which works out at 20 screens, each scenario using two screens.

All Wally’s quest is against the time, and different moving parts of garage stuff. While you have to assemble a car, the program plays the “Laurel and Hardy” theme non-stop and… why are you looking so bored? Thankfully it can be turned off.

Good graphics and varied fun, Automania Spectrum is well worth giving a go.

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