Back To Skool

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We’ve just bought a copy of this game to find out if Microsphere could follow their mini-hit of the previous year, Skooldaze.

At first glance Back to Skool looks very familiar.

But explorng further into the game you discover there’s a bit more to Back to Skool. The scenario goes like his. You managed to steal your school report during the last days of the term and spent the whole holiday forging teachers’ signatures to make yourself look really smart, sweet and helpful. All you’ve got to do is get the report back to the Headmaster’s safe without anyone finding out.

All the old teachers featured in Skooldaze are back, plus the bulilies, swots and other pupils you came to love in the original game. You can chage the names of all characters if you wish, at the start of the game.

In Back to Skool you aren’t limited to the interior of your school like the first game. You can actually get out into the playing fields or pay a visit to the nearby girls’ school to let the odd mouse cause chaos. Mice and frogs play a big part in this sequell.

Like Skooldaze you must avoid getting too many lines – given by the teachers and the Head if you’re found doing something you ought not to be. Get over 10,000 and you’re expelled.

Also, like Skooldaze, the teachers speak to you in speech bubbles – when they give lines or ask questions.

You can explore the three floors of both schools at will.

You are armed with a catapult – and you can find other “weapons” by searching through desks in both establishments. Water pistols and stink bombs are useful.

The graphics are not bad and the animation of the characters is pretty good – although the game dows tend to stop dead for a couple of seconds when instructions – which appear in the box at the bottom of the screen – appear.

There’s more to Back to Skool than meets the eye. If you were a fan of Skooldaze, you’ll enjoy the follow-up.

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