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Go totally over the top as Super Joe, crack commando, takes on the world in an explosive rescue mission. Forget Rambo – old Joe’s in a class of his own on this battlefield.

Basically what you have to do is reach the enemy fortress and rescue the prisoners held there. You have to be fast on your feet and quick on the trigger to defeat the massed forces of the enemy. They come at you on foot, shoot at you with mortars and bazookers, try and run you down with troop carriers and motorcycles. All decidedly unfriendly.

Still, you’ve got your trusty machine gun and a handful of grenades to help you get through. And you can pick up more grenades as you dash across the battlefields, under the tunnels and through enemy strongholds. We played the Spectrum version for this review – and the graphics, sound, animation and game play are all excellent. Better. we’re afraind to say, than the Commodore version. We’ve yet ot see the game on the Amstrad or Beeb.

The Spectrum Super Joe is a big, well animated character. The background and enemy soldiers are also well drawn. The choice of colors is good. Scrolling is smooth and color clash problems are kept to a minimum.

Commando Spectrum is really a pretty straightforward shoot-out. But the game is difficult enough to keep your interest and addictive enough to keep you coming back for more.

There’s only one hint really worht giving for beginners – keep moving fast and keep blasting everything in sight!

Spectrum owners shouldn’t miss this Elite version of the classic arcade game.

Commodore owners have more of a choice with Alligata‘s Who Dares Wins II and Rambo game from Ocean. However there is a very good alternative for Spectrum users – Frontline. Give it a try. However Commando Spectrum is surely a better choice.

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