Curse Of Sherwood

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All is not well in Sherwood Forest, as the willowy-green calm has been broken by the evil presence of the cult of Sagalla. The forest is under its power, and the hearts of the forest’s people are filled with fear. In desperation they turn to the only ones who can help, Robin Hood and his band of merry men.

But the odds are stacked high, even against this croud of dashing do-gooders. So, the Bishop of Derby has agreed to carry out an exorcism upon the forest’s fiend, and Friar Tuck, one of Robin’s formidable team, travels to meet him. At the forest’s edge Tuck finds the Bishop’s body, pierced by a black arrow. Attached to its shaft is a parchment fragment, inscribed with a cryptic rhyme. Contained within these poetic lines are clues to be solved if the heart of the wickedness is to be found, and finally destroyed.

Friar Truck taces back to the camp, only to diskover that Robin and his men are already under attack, and fighting for their very lives. Who knows who can survive the battle& And Tuck is now the only one free to combat the evil forces abroad in the forest. He is sure to need all of his skills and bravery to save the simple wood-land folk from their unenviable fate.

You have control of good Friar as he moves along the forest pathways, encountering bizarre servants of the Sagallan Priests – each capable of destroying his portly person. Foul tempered ogres are ready to trample on his body, or brain him with frozen chickens; skeletal servants brandish deadly clubs and swords; and werewolves roam with unhealthy appetites.

To avoid such opponents, Tuck is able to move to the left and right, up and down, but he must be fast. If he is hit by a weapon hyrled, or fired by his enemies, he dies and loses on of his three lives.

Things become very much easier for our religious Rambo if he throws away his spiritual scruples and instead resorts to killing everyone in sight. Points are awarded for each opponent disposed of, with the score shown at the top right of the screen.

Friar Tuck is initially armed only with a sword, but as he kills his opponents he can collect and utilise their fallen weapons. When our pious warrior picks up one weapon he must drop the one he carries, and several attempts might be needed to kill an enemy, depending upon the weapon used.

Tuck is not only able to take weapons from his fallen foes, but also any objects thy may carry, which can help him progress more easily through the forest. The objects and weapons carried are displayed at the top of the screen.

When the fighting Friar eventually encounters the Priests of Sagalla, he must hope that his prayers are answered, otherwise his days upon this planet can be counted on the hand of a one-fingered man.

Curse of Sherwood would be a really neat game, except for the tiny little bugs involved. It seems that whenever you start to do well, the game realises this and makes sure you cant’t get out of your present screen without dying – what an ingenious programming technique! Makes playing a bit awkward though. This is basically a good game, with colorful (and sometimes even attractive) graphics and smooth playability.

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