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Written in 1983 in just 9K of memory, Deathchase puts you on a motorbike in a forest, with no purpose in life other than to chase other characters on motorbikes and kill them for bounty money. Your enemies don’t shoot back at you (not even the bonis point tanks and helicopters), there are no power-ups, no end-of-level bosses, and the only things which can kill you are the trees of the forest itself. They don’t TRY to kill you, of course, they just stand there, growing leaves and photosynthesising and doing whatever it is that trees do over the countless millenia, and wait for you to crash headlong into them at ful tilt. And you will. The inanimate nature of your only enemy gives Deathchase Spectrum addictive qualities which are almost unimaginable to anyone who hasn’t played it. You see, when you get killed in Deathchase, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. The trees don’t mve, nothing shoots at you to distract you and you can even slow down or stop to catch your breath. Basically, there is no excuse for getting yourself splattered all over the forest except your own carelessness and impatience. Which means, of course, that the next time you play, you won’t make any of those silly mistakes. Will you? Well, of course you will. The thing is, the game is so utterly simple (I mean, ‘avoid the trees’, it’s almost insulting) that you don’t see any reason to slow down, you can’t accept that your skills as a gamer aren’t equal to such a laughably straightforward task. So off you go at top speed again, whizzing through the forest in fine dramatic style until you remember that you’ve got enemies to chase, so you swerve after them with your bullets zipping past just centimeters away, edge just that bit further over to get them into your sights, and BLAM! Another faceful of bark. There’s more… (Very large portion cut, the gist of which is you drive at night every second level, and there are also bonus tanks and helicopters that drift temptingly across the horizon, just daring you to lose concentration for a split-second while you fire at them.)

Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Bikes, trees, bonus targets and crashing. (Lots of crashing.) Only two real controls, hardly any sound, totally basic character-square graphics and gameplay your dog could probably learn. I’m probably talking rubbish, all those years in front of flickering screens have probably destroyed my mind. It can’t be that good really. So why not prove me wrong? Why don’t you give it a try? What have you got to lose? Except the rest of your life, that is…

CONTROLS: Kempston or keyboard.

    1 – left;
    zero – right;
    9 – accelerate;
    8 – decelerate (but you really don’t want that one at all);
    Space – fire.

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