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Take a loveable character, add a catchy tune and you have a sure fire hit on your hands. Everyone’s A Wally online is the third game featuring Wally and this one introduces us to the rest of his family. Not only do you have Wally to look after, but also Tom, Dick, Harry and Wilma.

The evetual aim of the game is to find the combination of a safe, open it and thus pay the gang’s wages. Certain tasks have to be performed by various members of the gang but that’s for you to work out as you go along. You start off controlling Wally but cam select any of the other characters who is on the current screen by pressing the appropriate key. Each character can carry only two objects at a given time but may exchange these simply moving over the desired item. The four “unselected” characters are meanwhile going about their own business and generally hindering you in whatever way they can.

The tasks you have to complete in order to get parts of the safe combination such as builting a wall of delivering a parcel, seem straightforward enough but the objects lying around the place vary form the expected (screwdriver) to the unexpected (test tube). One of the major complaints I heard from people playing the game was that they had been playing it for ages and still not scored anything. I feel that you need some sort of early incentive to make you keep going back for more and this was sadly missing.

The graphics are very large and colorful ranging from pictures of parks and railway stations to the asteroids type game you come across in the middle of everything. The characters themselves are beautifully drawn and again very large but this in a way detracts from the overall.

The use of multiple characters is yet another twist to the arcade/adventure theme. By the way, look out for Herbert. Whilst he is nothing but a nuisance in this game, he is to be given a starring role in the next Mikro-Gen production.

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