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It’s magic! Feud Spectrum, the first release on the new Bulldog label will cast a spell on you. It’s a battle between two weird wizards – each out to become the chief Wiz. You play Learic up against Leonoric, a particularly evil looking red robed wizard who simply wants to destroy you.

To become top Wiz you have to explore the surrounding countryside and find ingredients for spells which when mixed in your cauldron form spells which you can use to wipe out your brother.

Brother? Yeah, Leonoric is your brother – who once turned into a frog. No wonder there’s no brotherly love occuring here!

Your spells are shown in a spell book at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The ingredients you’ve collected are highlighted in red. Highlight two ingredients on the same page – Dandelion and Burdock for instance – and you can dash back to your cauldron to mix them.

Only when you’ve done this will you be able to activate the spell and use it against your opponent.

Leonoric is a real meanie who always seems to get his spells together so much quicker than you. Fortunately you have a compass which shows you where your opponent is – but often you’ll need to be where he is in order to pick the herbs or flowers you need for you special brews.

You can dodge Leonoric’s deadly fireballs or bolts of lightning – but it is better to attempt to avoid him if possible.

Another guy to avoid I’d Heike the Gardener who can drain your energy on contact. He’ll also chase you around his garden which you have to enter to get more ingredients. It’s a good idea to get together the invisiblity spell before you attempt to brave the garden.

You’ll need Chondrilla and Hemlock for that. Sounds like a strange cocktail you find in dodgy wine bars.

You will also come across villagers and travellers who can be turned into Zombies and forced to obey your commands.

Feud Spectrum reminded me a bit of Sorcery in atmosphere – although it’s more of a Sabre Wulf-ish style game. Especially the Spectrum version.

The Amstrad graphics are extremely pretty and both versions of the game have neat hip-hop soundtrack which strangely fits in well with the game. Bottomline, you should’n fail to add Feud to your collection!

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