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Download Jetpac Remake

Building your rocket and fuelling it is the idea of the latest game from Ultimate.

The tape loaded successfully first time and while the game was loading an impressive title screen was displayed.

The game starts with a rocket ship in tree parts. This has to be assembled by picking up each of the pieces in order and dropping them onto the base segment which is already in position at the bottom of the screen.

Once the rocket assembly is complete, you will need to get six fuel pods on board by picking them up as they appear randomly on the screen and dropping them into the craft.

When fuelled, you can board the ship yourself and blast off to the next planet where a similar task faces you.

If all this sounds too easy, then you probably haven’t heard about the thousands of aliens who inhabit each planet and are, “in desperate need of blowing up”. You are equipped with a laser weapon with which to do this and also a jet-powered transport system strapped to your back, hence the title. If you are hit by an alien then you lose one of your four lives. On the first screen the aliens are not too difficult to avoid byt on subsequent planets they become more intelligent and are able to track you with ever increasing accuracy.

Jetpac game is very playable, addictive and original arcade type program. The graphics are superb but the sound effects bore a striking similarity to a pan of frying eggs and bacon. By the time I reached the fourth planet I was starving!

The choice of movement keys is well thought out, although the program also accepts a joystick from Kempston.

Jetpac game runs on any ZX Spectrum and is for one or two players. It should be considered to be on of the best games in playability of the genre.

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