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There’s no rest for Sabreman. Having emerged triumphant from his encounter with the fabled Sabre Wulf, he must now conquer the animal side of his own nature, for he has now become a werewolf. The only person who can help is the renowned wizaard Melkhior, who unfortunately is a tetchy old geezer. To ensure that he isn’t disturbed by idle callers, the wizened savant has surrounded himself with deadly traps and barriers of all sorts. Me, I’d just take the phone off the hook, but you know how wizards are.

So, in time-honored arcade-adventure style, you have to get through them, collecting all the components of a potion which will free your soul from the dread curse of lycanthropy.

What makes Knight Lore download such a joy to play, though, is the sheer style of the animation and room graphics. Ultimate eschew the use of screens full of bright clashing primary colors to concentrate on the detalis, and in doing so demonstrate that games can be highly playable and tasteful simultaneously.

The rooms of Melkhior’s castle are displayed in three-D from a oblique viewpoint, which makes a change from the usual cross-section or plan layout. The objects also have a solid sort of feel. If there’s a pile of blocks in the room you can walk out of sight behind it, for example. It’s very reminiscent of Quicksilva‘s “Softsolid” games. Unlike the latter, however, Knight Lore is beautifully animated. Even when your character hasn’t been ordered to do anything, he’s still on the move, peering around the room in a bemused fashion, ore when in his wolf from, ocassionally snarling quietly to himself.

A little moving indicator at the bottom of the screen shows you the position of the sun and the moon, and when the moon rises Sabreman goes through his metamorphosis into an animal. This can be very discouraging if you’re just in the middle of negotiating an obstacle. The wolf form seems to be able to jump slightly further than the man, which can come in useful.

The traps are of many forms, from patrolling dwarf guards to simple problems of jumping from ledge to ledge. You may have to move the furniture around to get to objects you want. I don’t think that we’re going to get a rash of maps for Knight Lore download, because the castle plan is different every time you play, although the relationship of the rooms in a given section remains mostly the same. Even if you’re a naff player like me, there’ll be rooms you can solve, so it’s a game everyone can get into quickly.

The only question is what happens next? The Sabre Wulf saga is starting to resemble the Grail legend. We can speculate that the unseen wizard Melkhior stands for the powerful moral force of Reason, a force which can drive out the dark side of humanity only after a ritual purification full of hazards. Suitably purged of evil, will Sabreman now set out tot save the world? We can only wait.

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