Moon Alert

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Peachy implementation of that much under-rated arcade vehicle Moon Patrol; the hairiest ride outside of Disneyworld’s Space Mountain.

Starfighter 7 has been grounded by alien laser-fire. Having survived the crash-landing (well them’s the breaks), you must try and reach the safety of Moon Base Alpha in your trusty Motel T Moon Rova. However not only must you negotiate some ludicrously pock-marked terrain en route but you must also slug it out with those pesky aliens, who not content with wasting your starship, wanna waste you too!

Although intrinsically simple in concept, the combined challenge of rocks, canyons and irrepressible attackers works on practically every level. High scores demand both strategic driving and defensive shooting! However it must be said that the prog’s visual FX are rather dull. When I bust a buggy, I want to see it bust! At least a couple of wheels should come bouncing out of the debris!

Dragon Data managed this to great effect on their splendid Lunar Patrol prog a while ago. The Spectrum buggy just sort of implodes. The Currah Microspeech routines are also rather uninteresting. Unless more notable chat is buried deeper within the prog, it seems hard pressed to do more than count you in and out. Still I’m nitpicking. Playwise this is neat stuff and if I was you I’d book a lunar lesson right away.

So Moon Alert game is scrictly for moon buggy drivers: what’s required is a deft hand with the joystick and fire button as the player bounces along a scrolling lunar surface avoiding rocks, gullies and the inevitable alien spaceships. Moon Alert game is fairly addictive as you’re spurred into mastering seemingly impossible jumps. With a claimed 300 screens, actually finishing is an achievement.

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