Navy Moves 2

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Access Code: 63723

One of the best realizations of this genre. Looking like a Dan Dare clone, the second section of Navy Moves looks like an unprecedented graphical advance.

Once you’re inside the base after long journey on your dinghy things begin to take a slightly more gentle turn. You run around the complex, dodging the agents and trying to get together the necessary goodies to blow the place sky high.

Graphically, we’re talking a pretty high sophis’ level. You can easily tell what everything is and everything is presented clearly. Although the play area is tiny and the scroll far from smooth, Navy Moves game is far more attractive than most. It’s a shame that the palyablity has been cursed with such a high difficulty level. And it is also a shame that the second section is ten times more playable.


H, d, r (shoot 2nd Machine Official), I, u, wait for official, u, r, r, r, d, d, r, u, through door, d, on computer type: “EMERGE” and “STOP MOTORS” using the first official code, I, u, I, I, go through first door on right, u, I, through door, u, r, r, r, d, through door, r, through door, r, through door, d, r, through door, I, through first door on left, r, u, through door, r, d, d, I,

I, I, I, on computer type: “OPEN DOOR” with machine official code, I, set bomb, r, r, r. r, r, u, u, r, send message (type on com¬puter: “TRANSMIT’ with trans¬mission official code and “OABERBYAMD”, an anagram of bomb ready). I, I, u, u, u, FREE¬DOM! Now you will find some¬thing interesting!

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