Robin Of The Wood

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Robin Hood, once a hero of TV and cinema, has suddenly found himself a star of several computer games, one adventure, one spoof andventure and now Robin Of The Wood download, an arcade adventure from Odin.

Knowing that he would be unable to resist attending an archery contest, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham has devised a plan to capture Robin. Using a silver arrow as bait – a symbol of freedom to the oppressed Saxons – he intends filling the castle and surrounding woods with Norman guards who have one simple instruction – shoot to kill.

Robin must make his way through the woods, finding bags of gold. These he can take to the Forest Ent (presumably on loan from Lord Of The Rings) who will exchange them for more weapons – a sword, a bow and three magic arrows. There are however more characters in the wood. A hermit may cure your wounds, but not if you are carrying a weapon. Witches materialise and will send yu to the dungeons unless you bribe them with herbs and plants that you find. If you are especially nice to them, they may even transport you somewhere useful. Then of course there are the Norman patrols. If they see you, they will try and shoot you but you can fight back and bop them on the back of the head with your quarterstaff. Your current health is represented by a row of hearts across the bottom of the screen. As you suffer damage, so the line decreases until it reaches zero when you lose on of your three lives. Extra lives can be gained by finding the appropriate items. One other creature is a cute little hedgehog who, if you tread on him, inflicts much greater damage than the Norman arrows!

The graphics are excellent, reminiscent of Ultimate‘s Sabre Wulf although this is a much better game. The animation is also well done, especially in the combat sequences. A jolly little tune keeps you running along.

Robin Of The Wood is an excellent arcade adventure. If you like chasing through huge mazes and mapping them wilst performing various mini-quests, then this is the game for you.

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