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If you’ve ever watched a TV or movie car chase with a gleam of envy in your eyes then you’re going to mad over Turbo Esprit Spectrum because that’s what this game is all about. It’s one long, fast, action packed car chase. OK, the graphics aren’t brilliant, and the sound – well you’ll soon be wishing the Spectrum could make noises like real turbocharged supercar.

However, the game is gripping, packed with atmosphere and genuinely addictive. And after all, it’s probably the only chance most of us will get to get behind the weel of a Lotus – so you could say it’s worth it just for that!

But meanwhile, back at the plot. Here’s what you have to do.

An armored supply car is carrying drugs to the center of the city. One after the other, four delivery cars will drive in to meet it, and then drive off to their hideaways. After the fourth pick-up the armored supply car will leave the city.

Your mission is to stop the delivery cars after they have made their pick-ups and before they disappear and to stop the armored supply car before it leaves the city.

You’ll score extra points for catching the drug smugglers alive, rather than shooting them.

Your pursuit vehicle is a Lotus Turbo Esprit, capable of speeds up to 150 mph.

You lose points for injuring the general public. There are traffic lights at junctions which should be obeyed – the smugglers will probably ignore them – there are pedestrian crossings and road-works that you should avoid.

On your screen you will see the top of your steering wheel, a spedometer, rev counter, fuel gauge and temperature gauge. Gear changing is done autimatically by the computer.

Your car is displayed in the screen in front of you. At the beginning of the game it is in the center left lane.

At the bottom left of the screen you will see penalty points which you get if you crash into innocent cars or kill pedestrians. Next to this is your score which you get for catching drug-smuggling cars and beneath this you will see the occasional message from HQ control.

The “cockpit” view is quite realistic – but spoilt a bit when you realize that you can see your car ahead anyway. The moving steering whil, a la Revs, is a nice touch.

All cars in the game are black, except those used by the drug smugglers. These are blue delivery cars, the red armored supply car and the magenta “hit” cars that will try to shoot you.

You can call a map of the city by pressing the “M” key. Flashing circles indicate your own car, and those of the smugglers. Small petrol-pumps indicate the positions of garages. Four dots at crossroads indicate traffic lights. Arrows along side roads indicate that these are one-way streets.

Be warned – this isn’t an easy game to get into. But it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

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