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Download Way Of The Exploding Fist Remake

Press the key 1 or 2 and the The Way Of The Exploding Fist online will start.

Moving your character: Left and right control the left and right movement of your character.

Using the kicks: All kicks are controlled by pressing the fire button and pushing the joystick in the appropriate direction.

Crouching: Pressing the joystick up will allow your character to leap up while pressing it down makes the player crouch.

Blocks: The joystick also allows you to block your opponents move. This is obtained by backing off your character while the opponent is using aggresive moves.

You may occasionally find that when you are naturally backing off, your character goes into a blocking stance. This is fortunate for you, as the “block” is only activated if you are in danger of being hit by your opponent.

To release the block, move the joystick to neutral or to any position other than moving backwards.

“Holding your moves”: Most of the moves in the Way of the Exploding Fist can be withdrawn shortly after beginning to execute them so that you are able to change your mind and start another move. This also means that if you do want to continue with a move you must ensure that you hold the joystick in the correct position long enough for the move to be executed.

Practising your moves: The easiest way for you to practise your moves is to go into 2-player mode and test all your skills. Your opponent will not make any move against you, so you should be abke to get all the moves perfected.

This should be enough to get you started playing The Way of the Exploding Fist. The following instructions give you more detail on the subtleties of this exciting game.



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